Friday, 5 December 2014


So just where did the week go?

Or is that the right way to put it?

This has seemed to be an endless week, with the weekend crawling towards me, often seeming to shuffle in the opposite direction when I glanced away, but at the same time I have had no time to do anything.  Does that make sense?

OK, I have managed to keep up with reading and commenting on most of the blogs I follow - sincere apologies if I have failed to visit yours - but that has been about it.  Oh, I did rewrite a section of my zombie book!  There had been a part where one of the main characters was got, but as I wrote it I saved him and let a bunch of others be got instead.  But killing the others was not sitting well with me, so I saved them too.

Yeah!  Felt a lot better!

Except for the knock on effect in later scenes which had to be changed because the main character was no longer wracked with guilt about the deaths of the others!

More rewriting ensued, mournful scenes where this character was comforted and reassured became much more upbeat celebrations, motherly kisses on the head became rather more flirtatious...

Yep, I like this version a lot more.

And now the weekend has finally arrived!  Last weekend before Number One Son returns from Uni, two more before I finish work for the holidays - yep, I hate to brag (no I don't) but I finish on the 19th and don't return until the 5th!  Ooooh yeah baby!

All in all?  Life is good!

Time for a cheesy Christmas song!


ShadowRun300 said...

Aww, man! Your video isn't available in my country.
I've had those endless weeks, so I totally get it. But you don't have too much longer until you're off. Lucky you!
And I love how invested you are in your book. Can't wait til it's done! :)

terri said...

I can't see the video either! I'll take your word for it that it's cheesy.

I had a similar kind of week. Must be the time of year or something!

Glad to hear that the Zombie novel isn't taking a back seat in spite of your busyness. The rewrite sounds much more your style.

I'm jealous of your time off. I need a university job! I work WITH universities, and based on how quiet things get in December and January, I'm pretty sure many of my clients are enjoying a break too. But not me! Boo hoo! :-)

Shammickite said...

I saw the video. You are right about the cheesy comment. At least the first 20 seconds was....

Riot Kitty said...

You saved everyone in the zombie book? You softie! :)

agg79 said...

Cannot see the video as well but it may be because I am on the road in some airport. Good to hear you have dome time off over the holidays to enjoy the family.

And in every zombie story, somebody has to die...except the dog, or course...