Thursday, 28 August 2014

At the Beach

Mrs RC and I went for a walk on Sunday, our last chance to run away from things for a while.
We grabbed some fried chicken and had a picnic on the beach.  It was cloudy, giving bursts of hot summer sun from time to time.
While we sat, ate and chatted I noticed that the land on the other side of the estuary (where the River Thames joins the sea) was extremely visible.

I am convinced that there has been a subtle shift in the land, during my lifetime, that has affected this.  As a child I remember being able to see a faint hint of something on the horizon.  Later, a few bigger buildings could be seen, but now look at it!  OK you are probably dreadfully underwhelmed by this, but it is a big thing for me and this is my blog, so please show how impressed you are in the comments section!  :-)
OK, I accept that wise decision.
Last night I took a long route home.  The weather was nice and I had to call on the guitarist in my band to collect copies of his recordings of the band and to get a new, shiny metal control panel for my slowly developing Flying V bass.
The route home took me through where we used to live, which was a strange experience - haven't been back there for about 9 years.  A lot has changed and a lot is still very familiar.  I felt oddly like a tourist, to be honest!
On the way back along the beach, I noticed that a lovely sunset was developing and had to stop several times to take pictures.  I have been experimenting with the exposure time on my camera and like the results


NOW tell me you are not impressed!


agg79 said...

Ok, I'm truly impressed. It is really impressive how far you can see across the estuary - either the gap has shrunk or your perspective has grown. Looking back to my younger day, I find some things aren't quite as big as I recall.

Very nice sunset series. The exposure settings make for a nice effect.

Rock Chef said...

I decided to take the thought further and have posted that estuary photo on facebook to see what other locals think. Might get some interesting comments!

And I am glad that you are impressed!

terri said...

I am impressed! Your photos are beautiful.

ShadowRun300 said...

I was impressed with the estuary picture and then I was hit with the sunset photos! Stunning! I especially love the last one.
Fried chicken on the beach sounds like a great way to wrap up your vacation. How's Mrs. RC doing these days?

Riot Kitty said...

Yes, of course I am impressed!

Rock Chef said...

Terri - Thanks!

ShadowRun300 - Thanks. Mrs RC is doing great, thanks, keeping busy will all 3 kids around for the summer.

Rock Chef said...

Riot Kitty - Many thanks!

Shammickite said...

I think you can see more because you are taller than you were as a nipper. Same concept as looking for land at the top of the mast....