Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A walk in the woods

It was a splendid morning, clear blue skies with the odd rain cloud failing to spoil things.
Not that we really needed more rain!

Looks like Spring is coming!

And we found Eeyore's House again!  No sign of Eeyore himself, though.  I suspect he spends his winters partying on Ibiza or something...
I got a bit hungry on the way around the woods, but luckily I had some Lembas Bread.  OK, not real Lembas Bread, but the next best thing - Mrs RC's high protein, high calorie cookies, that she makes for our youngest son who is into body building.  Each one of these little suckers is 300 calories!  Mordor?  Just point the way!


meleah rebeccah said...

Gorgeous photos, RC!

Also - that Lembas Bread looks AMAZING!

Abby said...

Nice walk, thanks for taking us along! And how about a disembodied hand or something as a scale for that cookie.
Care to share Mrs. RC's recipe??

terri said...

It really does look like spring is on its way! Nice pictures. Since it's still such a frozen wasteland around here, your pictures are a nice change of scenery.

The cookies look GOOD!

Rock Chef said...

Meleah Rebeccah - Thanks, glad you like them!

Abby - I will ask Mrs RC for the recipe. Photo with hand to follow.

Terri - Yep, spring is coming, the thaw will be with you soon!

ShadowRun300 said...

Yay! More photos! I love when you take pictures of your walks. Your surroundings are so much more interesting than mine. Or perhaps I'm not looking with the "right" eye.
And a 300 calorie cookie that builds muscle? I'm likin' it... :)

agg79 said...

Nice pictures! Looks like spring is lurking just around the corner. The lembas bread looks quite tasty - perfect for a long walk in the woods.

Remember - Not all those who wander are lost.

CiCi said...

Mrs RC is such a good mom. Can she make cookies that look that good but have fewer calories and no gluten. If she can then she gets ten gold stars!

Riot Kitty said...

Oh, now I want cookies. NOM!

I wish it looked like spring here. You can see my post to see how it looks...in Alaska.