Saturday, 22 December 2012

Glass half full!


Riot Kitty said...

Soon to be empty ;)

agg79 said...

Looks half empty to me. Calls for another round!

Anonymous said...

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ShadowRun300 said...

You got some for everybody? I could use a glass about now. Even if it's only half. Maybe it'll help me become a little more optimistic about being ready for Christmas. :/

Rock Chef said...

RK- and refilled again!

AGG79- Indeed!

Anon - Please stop. I am not going to look at the link and you are not even funny like the "boycott American women" guy was.

SR - plenty to go around. Drop in any time!

Shammickite said...

Pass the bottle will ya?
I've been a very naughty blogger just recently, what with my internet going horribly wrong and then as soon as it was fixed, the Christmas Variety Show kept me busy and now all the Christmas prep.... however I promise to be better in the future. So Have a Happy Christmas and all the best for 2013!