Friday, 13 August 2010

2 weeks!

About to head off for 2 more weeks.

No camping this time, just the joy of a new kitchen....

I am sure it will be great when it is done, but I can't see it being a very enjoyable process.

I am hoping to get one day out, though.  Planning a trip to Barnet, sight of a major battle during the Wars of the Roses.  I am going there next year for my second "play toy soldiers on the battlefield" day with my Canadian wargamer friend, and want to visit now to get a feel for the place and make plans for the big day.  If he is coming all that way I want to make sure the day is real fun.

I will post some pics as soon after as I can, or maybe do a vblog like I did on my Hastings trip.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the rest of the summer, if you still have some left - we seem to be in Autumn already over here in England  :-(

Bye for now - I SHALL RETURN!


TechnoBabe said...

You are planning to remodel the kitchen in two weeks? Are you going to work day and night? Good luck with that big project.

Rock Chef said...

Hah, not doing it ourselves!

Shrinky said...

Um, it took three months before our kitchen got done (never order marble tops), I sure wish you well! Is the whole fam moving out for the duration? Wise move - grin.

Looking forward to the vlog, they're fun.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to my world. I know kitchens.
Use either German or Italian hardware, not the Chinese stuff. It's garbage. That soft-closing stuff, although cute, waste of money.
Never get a marble top. Marble is too soft. Use either granite, or if you can afford it that man-made quartz or caesarstone. That's the way to go.

Anonymous said...

I love renovation photos...before and after!!!! Best of times on your trip!!!!

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

be sure to be back, ok?
Or I'll send some hellhounds to get your wayward self. :)

agg79 said...

Good luck. Glad you are not trying to tackle it yourself. I have heard a lot of horror stories (and 1 or 2 divorces) over rennovation jobs.

Take pictures (before & after) if you can.

Hope you have a blast on the field of battle. VBlog how the war goes.

terri said...

You're taking off again? But you just got back!

Okay then. Good luck with the kitchen. Speaking from experience, you'll be so glad when it's done.

kenady said...

so excited to hear about your kitchen adventures!!! a new kitchen will be wonderful!! one of the most important rooms in a house:)