Saturday, 16 July 2016

All going on!

Things have been so busy this month that it is just getting silly!

At work we had the sudden news that the department was moving.  We have been in the same place for my whole 25 years at the place, and this came out of the blue.  The time frame for getting the current location cleared was very short, but somehow it was managed.  We are now in temporary offices and I will be moving again at the end of August.  So much for the quiet summer that we normally have in the academic world!

Number One Son also just graduated, as a Master of Physics with a First Class Honours Degree. 

He tries to be modest, but his pride in his amazing achievement really shows in this pick...
We had been thinking that this might be our last visit to |Lancaster Uni, which is about as far a way from home as you can get and still be in England, but no!  Arnie, our youngest, is showing interest in going there himself in a year or so!

Mrs RC and I travelled up on the day and stayed over night, allowing us an evening there to have a meal and relax a bit.  This was much needed, and was almost like having a mini holiday!  Yes, things have been that busy!

Custard the Labrador is really feeling his age this year, with some leg problems really affecting him now.  He is having injections that are working well for him, so hopefully we can hang onto him for a while yet.  It all comes down to quality of life, and he is still happy at the moment.  He walks when we arrive at our destination, but he now has to ride in his cart that we have had for many years knowing that this would happen at some point.

The house is going to be really full again soon.  Not only has Number One Son moved back "for ever", but one of his friends is also going to move in.  Never ones to turn our backs on someone in need, it will be a squeeze, but it will also be fun.  He is a great lad who we have kind of adopted as part of the family so he will fit right in.

I really can't believe how long it is since I posted again.  MUST TRY HARDER!


ShadowRun300 said...

My goodness! You DO have a lot going on! Perfect post, though, to catch us all up. :)
Sounds like you're all in a great place, and that your busyness has been positive anyway.
Sorry Custard's not feeling so spunky these days. Love his stroller!
And yes! Gotta do better posting! (Says one who rarely posts either....)

Abby said...

A life in flux! Good thing your smart number one son and his Master of Physics is around to help control all the momentum. And big congratulations to him!
Our dog China still likes to go for walks, but her distance limit has been decreasing. I wonder what she would think of a Custard-like cart.

Shammickite said...

Nice to see you back on line and I always enjoy catching up with the news. Moving the department can be interesting, a bit like moving house, its a good opportunity to have a big sort out and dump all the garbage. Custard looks very cosy in his custard wagon.

agg79 said...

Life is always full of changes. I totally get the missing posts. I've been guilty of it for way longer than you.

Congrats to number one son! He definitely earn his honors and it is time to celebrate! I think I may detect a wee bit of well deserved fatherly pride there.

Custard looks comfy in his cart. It is hard to see your pets when they get older, but you nailed it when you say it is all about quality of life. Claire was showing some signs of getting older but I kept holding out hope that we had a good long while to spoil her. Keep spoiling Custard.

Ramzu Zahini said...

Moving.... not that's a pain. Fortunately no matter how cluttered i am i always know where my stuff is :)
My congratulations to your son! Now he can be a super-villain with his knowledge.
My regards to Custard too, hope everything goes well in your family :)

Riot Kitty said...

I'm right there with you in slackersville!

Shammickite said...

Golly, you must be really busy, you haven't posted anything since July!!!!!

Riot Kitty said...

Welcome back! Whew, that is a lot. Custard is very cute in the stroller. Congrats to your son, too!