Monday, 3 August 2015

Summer Part 1

Back to things after a week's break, mainly at home.

Not a very restful week, but still great fun, including going to a niece's wedding in the village that Mrs RC grew up in.  We had a family stroll through the village while being regaled with childhood memories, including admiring the tight bend on the road where Mrs RC's mum once fell out of the car and had to run along the road to catch up.

On Friday, Mrs RC and I also snuck out for a meal together, just the two of us.  A problem with the rabbits (two of them have started fighting each other, so have had to be separated) meant that we could not go far, so we headed to the sea front, wandered along hand in hand until we found the place that we wanted and then grabbed a table.

We had a drink each and a plate of ribs and stuff each and just sat and chatted about whatever subject came to us.  It was really nice.  We love having our kids around, and family meals are a big thing for us, but just sneaking in the odd few hours with just the two of us is very relaxing and good for us.  I guess that, as the kids grow older we will be getting more time like this, so why not get in some practice  :-)

Oh, one more thing before I go.  The council have given me an early birthday present.  Most of the road between home and work is closed for pot hole repairs.  I continue to use it, of course, so this week is going to be great for cycling.  After that I am on holiday for another 2 weeks, including a spot of camping and my birthday.  In addition the good weather seems to have returned, so everything is looking rosy right now!

Back soon with photos of the latest creepy-crawly to appear in our garden...


Shammickite said...

Ah, lovely, going out on a date. All married couples need to do that once in a while, no matter how long they have been together. Ditch the kids and go for a beer! In fact. I'm babysitting for YoungerSon and The Bride tonight, so they can do exactly that!!!

ShadowRun300 said...

Don't ya just love a good date? Since I work so much, my hubby and I try to do something together when I'm off. It's a good thing, because someday, when the kids are gone, and we have no jobs, we'll need to know how to get along. ;)
Enjoy the pothole free ride while you can. And thanks for the warning about the creepy-crawlys. I like to be prepared.

Abby said...

Kids are great, but it's nice to just be a couple once in a while, eh? Sounds like a perfect date/practice!
Enjoy your car-free cycling!

terri said...

That's one thing our kids are all going to miss out on as they grow older ... good falling-out-of-cars stories from us older folks. I have a cousin who opened the door and fell out of his parents' car when he was three years old. My sister almost fell out of another cousin's car once years ago. Now that there are such strict seat-belt laws, we're going to have to find other fascinating family tales to pass on. :-)

Sometimes those casual dates are the best ones. Mark and I had a date at the county fair last Friday. Thought it would be quiet and casual, but we ran into old friends and had a blast!

Riot Kitty said...

Dates are important. Although it is amusing that you couldn't go far because of rabbits! Did I read that correctly?