Monday, 2 February 2015

Feb already?

I will start with the sad news - the dove did not make it.  He/she (I was only guessing at its gender) went to sleep the other night and did not wake up.  It was a real shame, but at least he/she was warm and had food and water there for the taking.

A lot of other parts of the UK have had good snow falls in the last week, but not us.  Sticking out at the bottom right corner, almost touching France, our weather is often different.  We have it cold (the garden pond had ice on it this morning) but only flurries of snow that has not hung around.  Probably a good thing, really!

My ride to work has been quieter for a couple of weeks now, due to some road works that are diverting a lot of the traffic.  It should have finished last Thursday, but they started work two and a half days late, so are now over running badly.  This is not helped by the fact that their trenches all flooded over the weekend, so they now have a ton of water to pump out before they can carry on. 

I am not complaining, though. 



Shammickite said...

Typical British road work project.... start late, finish late, annoy the residents.
Sorry to hear about the dove's demise, you obviously did your best to prolong it's life.
Your sprinkle of snow is pretty, I woke this morning to a snowstorm dumping about 20cm of snow, and -15C and strong winds blowing the snow into huge drifts. Sunny now (lunchtime) but still cold. I'm debating whether to take my books back to the library today, or risk the fine....
(verification word was lkent!!!!)

Shammickite said...

Toronto snow today..... see this video, hope you can access it

Rock Chef said...

Shammickite - couldn't see this video but found others. Real snow!

Abby said...

Aw sorry about the dove, but you did your best and at least he or she had a caring comfy place to make the big crossover.
As a fellow bike commuter, I wish you many delays in the construction projects and little ice!

ShadowRun300 said...

I'm sorry to hear about the dove, but glad he/she got to spend his/her final moments with you all.
Great news for you that they're delayed! As a car driver, I'd be frustrated, but as a bike commuter it's a great thing! Hope it lasts!

Riot Kitty said...

:( I'm sorry about the dove also, but you did comfort it.

Had you eaten it, I'd cut you.

terri said...

I'm sorry about the dove. At least you he/she was made comfortable as possible during those final days.

Your road construction sounds pretty much like ours. Nothing happens on schedule and it almost always causes traffic problems. Cycling seems like the way to go!