Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My trip to work

Merrily stealing a post idea from ShadowRun300, I now present My Trip to Work!

About a mile out, looking back towards home.  On the right is the station where the electricity from the local offshore wind farm is processed.

The big road that allows people to go past my town without even knowing it is there.

Looking onward...

A typical stretch of road - not quite wide enough for 2 cars and a cyclist to pass each other at once...

We like our roads to have bends in them.  Some drivers don't seem to get it, though, and a couple of cars a year end up in these bushes.

Passing through one of the many villages that dot the area.

The final uphill slog.

At the top of St Stephen's Hill, looking down towards the city.

Yay - the downhill run into Canterbury!

Good job I was careful - roadworks at the bottom of the hill!

Nearly there!

I work on the top floor.

A couple of flights of stairs for warming down after the ride.

The desk that I am borrowing while my work area is being rebuilt.  Yes, I am a messy worker.

Hope you enjoyed the trip!  Please feel free to steal ShadowRun's idea and share your trip to work with the rest of us!


wigsf3 said...

I nearly did this post yesterday using only pictures of road kill I passed. Seriously yesterday was a bloodbath on the streets. I decided against because the bunny was staring at me like it was my fault.

agg79 said...

Love the play-by-play of your route. How many kilometers is the trek? Your route looks much better than the freeway driving I do every morning. Way more interesting and scenic.

terri said...

That was fun! I enjoyed taking a trip to your work with you. Now I need to go check out ShadowRun's post. I'm curious as to how she did this... since she DRIVES. If I can figure out how to do a photo post of my trek to work, I'll join in the fun.

ShadowRun300 said...

Wow! That's quite a trip on your bike! How do you handle bad weather days?
Taking pics of my commute helped me to look at it from a different perspective. It becomes so humdrum after a while. But for people who've never seen the Arch, or who've never seen a corn field, it can be pretty cool.
I'm honored you stole from me! :)

Rock Chef said...

Wigsf - Yes, I see a lot of roadkill too - rabbits, squirrels, foxes, cats, even the odd crow that was too busy eating other roadkill!

Agg79 - I do about 8 miles each way. Some think it is dumb, but I like it and it seems to keep me fit.

Terri - That would be fun - you have described your route a few times so it would be great to see it.

ShadowRun300 - On bad days I get wet and cold, but this is becoming less frequent as the winters here are tending to be warmer and dryer. The only time I skip the ride is if there is ice on the roads, which usually means that there are no buses either so I have a Snow Day.

Abby said...

Ooh, nice ride! I enjoyed the views. How far is it? I'm worried about you, though, RC. There are no shoulders on your roads! (That's room for bicycles in case that's strictly an American term)

Rock Chef said...

Abby - I do about 8 miles each way. You are right - nowhere for cyclists to go, except into the bushes if things get too close, which actually happened yesterday in-between photos! I try to be very aware of the traffic and tend to assume that everyone wants to kill me...